A Weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine

Call me crazy but I actually prefer traveling during off-season. The weather may be unpredictable but lodging prices are cheaper, local hot spots are less crowded and I truly believe you get a more authentic experience overall.  If you’re searching for serenity (and who isn’t these days?), I would highly suggest off-season travel. This year, for my birthday, my two friends and I traveled to Kennebunkport, Maine for a relaxing, girls weekend away. We visited the adorable beach town the first weekend in June and we could not have gotten a better experience. Perfect beach weather, bar seats on a whim and the most delicious seafood. Here’s what we did:

Mast Cove Galleries | Mast Cove Galleries was a truly unique experience. Situated in the heart of the town’s Historical District, the art gallery is just a short walk to downtown Kennebunkport. The proprietor, Jean Briggs, has maintained the gallery for 35 years and frequently rents out her spare bedroom to visitors from out of town (shout out to AirBnB for allowing us to find her!). The gallery is beautifully curated and features a wonderful selection of work from artists from New England and further afield. Jean herself was an incredibly gracious host. When we first arrived, she greeted us with wine and cheese and prepared a carrot cake with candles for my birthday. In the morning, she served us bagels, fruit and assorted pastries and offered us a variety of recommendations for dinner and drinks. We were also given the opportunity to experience one of her openings – it was a beautiful event filled with cocktails, appetizers and a very talented pianist who played music throughout the evening. Mast Cove Galleries is a part of Kennebunkport that should not be missed.


Cottage Breeze Day Spa | If you’re looking for moderately priced, quality spa treatments, book an appointment at the Cottage Breeze Day Spa & Boutique. This place is perfect. It’s small and intimate, with friendly staff members and a beautiful and abundant boutique store. They offer refreshing cucumber and coconut waters and have an adorable, enclosed patio area where you can relax after your treatment. I got a deep tissue massage and a facial and the facial might be one of the best treatments I’ve ever received. The only thing I wanted for my birthday was to be pampered and this was just the most relaxing, perfect spa experience.


The Clam Shack | This is probably the most famous seafood stop in all of Kennebunk. The Clam Shack is a food stand located next to the main bridge that connects Kennebunkport and Kennebunk. I tried three different lobster rolls during my stay at Kennebunkport and the Clam Shack lobster roll was by far my favorite (definitely overpriced, but still my favorite). They serve their lobster rolls on a hamburger bun with crinkle fries and they give you a pin depending on which condiment you choose – butter, mayo or both (I got butter). Since we visited during off season, we were served fairly quickly but there is a cute lemonade stand that offers freshly squeezed lemonade to patrons waiting in line. Just beyond the Shack, there is a narrow alleyway with stools where you can enjoy your food while looking out onto the harbor. It was the quintessential Summer lunch and I couldn’t have been happier.


Spirit of Massachusetts | To me, there is nothing more adorable than a floating restaurant in a cute coastal town. The Spirit of Massachusetts is a 125-foot schooner that was built in New England. It served as a goodwill ambassador for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts while sailing the globe as an educational vessel. In 2014, The Spirit of Massachusetts was restored and brought to Kennebunk’s harbor as a floating restaurant with delicious cocktails and small plates. For us, it was the perfect place for a late afternoon cocktail.


Old Vines Wine Bar | On Friday night, we were looking for a fun, yet casual place to have birthday cocktails so Jean suggested we visit the Old Vines Wine Bar. This turned out to be the perfect spot. Old Vines has an abundant wine and cocktail selection, a variety of small tapas plates for sharing and a spacious patio with ample seating and outdoor fire pits. On some nights, the bar features lives music but Billy Joel’s Piano Man booming through the loud speakers was enough for me to feel at home that night. My hair and clothes smelled like burnt fire wood for about three days after but it was well worth it.

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